How Q Virtual Services works with clients

How we work

1. What are virtual business support services?

Q Virtual Services provides the full suite of traditional business, project management and administrative support services based on industry best practice in remote working. By outsourcing to a remote service provider, you will reduce the overheads associated with hiring internal employees, while receiving all the benefits of an additional team member.

2. What are the benefits of virtual business support services versus hiring employees?

Q Virtual Services supports business growth. With no long-term lock-in contracts, you have the flexibility to use our services as and when required.

The benefits of outsourcing your administrative and operational requirements to Q Virtual Services include:

Increased productivity and business growth
By outsourcing your administrative and operational support requirements to Q Virtual Services, you will have more time to focus your attention on building and scaling your business into a more profitable venture.

Reduced operational costs
By using a remote, contracted, solution you will reduce operational overheads as we take care of our own employee tax, insurance, superannuation, leave entitlements and office space, so you don’t need to.

Work output transparence
By utilising time tracking software, we provide you with the peace of mind that you are only paying for the time we are working on your business.  We also provide you with a digital timesheet and report with every invoice issued. Regular reporting allows you to prioritise your workload and budget effectively.

Flexible packages and rates
Q Virtual Services recognises that no two clients are the same. In response, we offer a range of bespoke service packages and rates to suit individual requirements. To discuss your needs and request a quote for services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Time zone advantage
When working with Q Virtual Services, you partner with a certified and insured Australian business that works in your time zone, speaks your language and understands the Australian business climate, culture, and regulations.

    3. How do I know when it is the right time to consider outsourcing?

    • The business has scaled quickly, but you can’t keep up with demand. You are too busy managing operational tasks to focus on building and scaling your business.
    • There are no systems or processes in place. You are operating in chaos.
    • You are drowning in a backlog of administrative tasks that you can’t get to, such as invoicing, reporting, client management and filing.
    • Your business requires access to an additional skillset, such as project management, event management, social media management, marketing, and blog writing.
    • Work/life harmony ceased to exist a long time ago.

    If any of the above resonates with you, it is time to outsource. Outsourcing is a wise investment and will free up your time and that of your key team members to focus on the specialist skills that will win more clients and grow your business.

    4. I’m not sure if I need an Online Business Manager or a Remote Executive Assistant. What is the difference?

    The lines of responsibility between the role of Executive Assistant (EA) and Online Business Manager (OBM) are often misunderstood.  However, the critical point of difference is that the OBM manages the daily operations of the entire business while the EA is a team member who focuses on assigned administrative tasks. These are two distinct roles and cannot be effectively managed by one person.  The OBM is the COO for the business owner and leads the business’ team of specialists, including social media managers, web designers, copywriters and the EA.

    Typical tasks undertaken by a EA include:

    • Email and Calendar Management
    • Expense Management
    • Travel Coordination
    • Online Event Management
    • Electronic Filing

    Whereas tasks undertaken by an OBM include:

    • Business Strategy Implementation
    • Project Management
    • Team Management – including sourcing new talent for your team
    • Business Metrics
    • Process and System Audits

    Both an OBM and an EA are valuable business assets, but your business size, requirements, goals, and budget determine which one is the right fit for you. For example, if you are frustrated or overwhelmed with individual aspects of the business, such as administration or marketing, an EA is probably the best fit. However, if you are a small, established, business owner, ready to scale and happy to delegate the operational management of your business, it is time to partner with an OBM.

    5. Do you provide onsite services?

    Q Virtual Services does not provide onsite business support.  All our services are delivered remotely.

    6. Do you work with international clients?

    Yes, we do. Our international clients have realised the benefit of outsourcing their tasks to Q Virtual Services, as we can continue working on their projects outside of their standard business hours.

    7. Is your business insured?

    Q Virtual Services holds professional indemnity, public liability, and cyber security insurance. 

    8. Will I need to sign a contract to work with you?

    Yes, we will sign a contract (Service Agreement) for every project undertaken by Q Virtual Services. Following an initial discovery call, you will receive a proposal for review. Once the proposal is accepted, you will receive a Service Agreement providing our scope of work, agreed timeframes, payment terms, confidentiality clauses and documentation ownership. Both parties must sign the Service Agreement before work commences.

    9. How do we communicate with each other?

    As a remote service provider, Q Virtual Services communicates with clients via Zoom, MS Teams, email and telephone.

    10. What happens if I need to cancel?

    If the client needs to cancel a work package, a written cancellation request is required. Q Virtual Services reserves the right to invoice the client for all work undertaken up to and including the date of cancellation.   Deposits are not refundable.

    11. I'm interested. How do we start working together?

    If you would like to learn more about working with Q Virtual Services, please head to our contact page and send us a message.

    We will then schedule a complimentary, obligation-free, discovery call to learn more about your business and pain points. Following the call, you will receive a business proposal for review, and if you wish to proceed, a Service Agreement for signature before work commences.

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